Made for happy kids and cool mums


To the moms who are always in a hurry, but never ready.
To the super-organized moms who know you can never be too prepared.

To the ones who still feel a bit like kids themselves, not really parents, or at least not like they imagined.

To the moms who are happy, full of joy and content, but also stressed out, overwhelmed and a little anxious.

To all the moms who surrender to lightheartedness, who sing, dance, laugh and run.
Though sometimes they're racing the clock.

To all the moms each of us can be in a single day, and to the ones who linger outside their children's bedrooms at night just to watch them dream.
For them and all the others.

our history

You can count the members of the Rose in April team on a single hand !

First and foremost, it's a family business: we're sisters, and we're both mothers!

The adventure began in 2014 when Elodie decided to take the plunge into entrepreneurship by creating the products she'd always dreamed of for her daughter, Rose. Eugénie joined her a few years later.

Now, just over 10 years after founding the brand, we're incredibly proud of what we've accomplished :

We've successfully built up a team of women (that's right, there are four of us now!) who are passionate about what they do and bring plenty of good cheer to the office.

Together we've developed quality products with the help of our suppliers, who have become true partners.

Though reconciling life as business owners with our roles as mothers isn't always easy, working with your sister on something you believe in certainly helps!

Our mission is to continue to make everyday life more fun for both moms and kids.