The Rose in April

At Rose in April, we know all about the obstacles moms face everyday! There's often a wide gap between the mom we imagined we'd be and the mom we've become!

But the reality is more beautiful than the dream. Because, along the way, we chose lightheartedness--a magical ally that helps us keep a smile on our faces, whatever the day may bring!

Mix and match

Every new season is a new playground for our creativity. Our timeless color palette is made up of the gentle hues best suited to baby's first weeks and months: sandy beige, mustard yellow, caramel brown and pale pink.

Depending on our inspiration and current trends, we add joyful shades and new prints designed by talented illustrators.

At Rose in April, we love to create surprising combinations of colors and prints. Then we hand it over to you to mix and match to your heart's content!


Multipurpose products

Our diaper bag can just as easily serve as a gym bag or weekend bag, and our muslins are great for baby, but make perfect scarves too.

We mindfully create only products that are useful and practical, in fun colors, to bring a little joy into the lives of moms (and children) !

Our collections include accessories for the whole family, which can be used again and again !


Social and environmental responsibility

01. Made in Portugal

At Rose in April, durability, quality and usefulness are our watchwords. To bring you beautiful fabric products that last, we work closely with our trusted manufacturing partner in Portugal.

02. Expertise

We share a love of beautiful materials and perfectly executed finishing touches. We work together to produce the right quantities to avoid overproduction and waste.

03. Our partners

We work hand-in-hand with our partners in our bid to produce more responsibly. We have long-term, trust-based relationships with them and believe that mutual respect and and open mind are key to collaboration. Last but not least, we know that more responsible manufacturing is also about developing only useful, long-lasting products.